So if you find yourself crying, depressed, sad on your birthday so you are not alone !! Billion people suffering from the same situations.

Birthday celebrations are an interesting monster.

A few groups relish the possibility of having a day committed altogether to them, while others retreat to the shadows at the simply considered consideration.

I’ve generally been wavering. I love investing energy with all my number one individuals and being caused to feel exceptional, however, the possibility of having the workplace sing ‘Glad Birthday’ instigates an extraordinary sort of dread inside me. At the point when I recall how large of an arrangement birthday events used to be, I can’t resist the urge to giggle. I’d keep awake till 12 PM just to watch the clock tick over, tally every one of the posts on my Facebook timeline my cards along the windowsill with satisfaction. Nowadays I’m undeniably less pestered and accept it as a success if a couple of writings move in.

However, my absence of virtuous energy isn’t the lone thing that is changed. For as long as a couple of years, I’ve generally wound up crying on my birthday. At times the day gets going truly well however in the end hits a knock. On different occasions, it’s begun a bum note that I can’t shake off.

feel remorseful for being disturbed also, similar to I’m not permitted to feel anything besides delight on my unique day. Individuals have put forth an attempt to cause me to feel significant, endowments have been given and kind words traded, so for what reason am I anything short of appreciative?

The main reason (if you noticed)Birthday celebrations address an achievement in individuals’ lives so they can be genuinely difficult in the event that they don’t satisfy related hopes – practical or ridiculous. For instance, numerous individuals hope to have accomplished certain things (profession, relationship/marriage, having an infant, purchasing property, a superior/fitter body), by a specific age so can feel disillusioned, restless or even exceptionally bothered if this has not happened. Numerous individuals consider there to be as an uncommon day and have assumptions identified with getting endowments or being treated as exceptional/ruined by companions and friends and family so can feel hurt and not esteemed in the event that they don’t get what they anticipate. Sometimes this can influence confidence/worth altogether.

“There are solid messages in the media and publicizing about the thing we ought to accomplish that support ridiculous assumptions. Some of the time individuals feel terrible in light of the fact that they enjoy not accepted benefit of open doors to accomplish or have an infant and so forth… and might be excessively old or don’t have similar energy as they did when more youthful. Chipping away at the acknowledgment of the real world and self-sympathy is useful just as working out what you can do reasonably now and later on.”

Birthday is similar to New Year’s Eve as it’s a period of reflection. Who were you a year prior and how has your life changed? Where do you want to be one year from now and would you say you are presently destined for success to arrive? These are generally legitimate inquiries that go to the front once one more year has passed, however, our birthday isn’t the solitary time we can be having these musings. Self-advancement is a continuous venture that happens day by day, not only one day of the year. In the event that we must ask ourselves these inquiries on our birthday, obviously, we’ll feel overpowered!

Thankyou All for reading this on my special day!!!!

Article By: Khusbu Negi


  1. We all are sailing on the same boat, really impressive content, I love this, thanks for sharing from your heart.

  2. it’s not your personal feeling,it is the feeling of many people in the world in this era.
    Well written

    1. Yes right and many reasons some feels down on their birthday
      Most of the common reason: Aging, High expectation, Social pressure, Less excitement, less love
      Less love why ??? You’re 4 years old? Wow, great job! Turning 18? Finally an adult! It’s your 45th birthday? Umm…congratulations? As grown adults, you may notice how people pay less attention to you—especially the older you get.

      These are common fact and thanks for reading this on my special day

  3. Life is not thankful Birthday is the thankfulness of life, the new thinking of living life ahead and maintaining that thinking. These are very good words for you and in these lives, these words have value. You shared a purely words with your beautiful heart ❤️

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